Community Information
and Support Service


Australian Macedonian Welfare & Wellbeing’s Information and Support Service provides community workers who speak Macedonian, Serbian and Croatian. Information, support and referrals are provided for a range of issues including:

    • health & well-being, including mental health, alcohol/smoking or other drugs, gambling addiction and Covid-19
    • financial
    • legal & immigration (assistance to access these services)
    • language assistance & form-filling
    • family issues & youth support
    • employment
    • social Isolation and loneliness
    • Domestic & Family Violence
    • Centrelink & housing problems

For more contact information for AMWW, please contact us here.

Community Support Services & Resources

 We also compile this information list of resources and links to other services who can help with some of the above personal and family issues. These resources are in both English and Macedonian:

Health and wellbeing general information:

  • Black Dog Institute: This is an Australian based medical research based organisation which has some great resources for dealing with mental health issues including for stress and impacts of Covid-19
  • Embrace Mental Health (Mental Health Australia): Macedonian, Serbian, Croatian and other translated information about various mental health matters, including answering the questions of what is mental illness, what is anxiety disorder and depression.
  • Beyond Blue: This is an Australian independent non-profit organisation which supports people with mental health & wellbeing including depression, suicide, anxiety. They have a lot of excellent current information and support on their website, including on dealing with stress and impacts related to Covid-19. They have translated information in Macedonian, Serbian, Croatian and other languages about mental health

Alcohol, Smoking or Other Drugs

Problem Gambling information 

Family concerns and youth support

  • Transcultural Mental Health Centre: Has information in Macedonian language on topics such as Family Help Kit, How to help children and teenagers with mental health, Grief and loss, post traumatic stress and suicide prevention

Physical health concerns

COVID-19 Translated Information