Senior’s Wellbeing
and Aged Care

Our Services

Community Visitors program

Staff & volunteers organise visits to residential aged care facilities across Sydney to improve their social support & reduce isolation, through cultural communication and networking

Supporting older people

Support to Macedonian older people through individual and group work support in the community. Also through information and education workshops on health & wellbeing topics to seniors, and culturally appropriate and translated resources for them

Welfare support during Covid-19

We have been providing welfare checks, support & care packs to seniors in the community and in residential aged care services during the pandemic

Senior’s IT Literacy Project

This project provides digital devices, training and mentoring for seniors in the community or in aged care facilities who want to improve their connections with others through IT.

Resource Assistance for Aged Care Services

We assist aged care services, including residential aged care facilities, to implement culturally appropriate care to their residents and to improve their knowledge and awareness of the Macedonian culture.

We have developed resources for aged care services so they can assist older people better and increase their culturally appropriate care, including:

  • Macedonian Relaxation CD
  • List of Macedonian common words
  • Macedonian Visual Cues (Communication Tool)
  • Macedonian Religious Calendar of Significant Days
  • Book of folk tales
  • Macedonian Recipe Book 2022

 Visit our Resources page for these and other useful resources

Book in a Cultural Briefing Presentation for your Service

We deliver cultural briefings for staff of residential and community care services, to promote and facilitate better understanding of the cultural needs of the older Macedonians and their families/carers.  Briefing presentations can be provided face-to-face or online. To find out more or to book, contact us.